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Novelty: the clutch bags!

Dear french readers, from now on I will write my posts in english: my old azerty french computer having passed away the new one I got has qwerty keyboard and neither accent nor cedille. As I hate spelling mistakes in my mother tongue I prefer writing only in english because my english mistakes are more forgivable!

I have always loved the lock of the old style purses, I have even made a jewelry collection inspired by them:

Arrived in New York I took a sales associate job in a jewelry store to finance my jewelry making expenses. I always had to have on me my phone, my business cards, some notes for my customers and the key of the store but didn’t want to carry a regular size handbag. As I couldn’t find a bag matching my requirements for size and style I decided to design my own. Indeed I already had the leather I was using to add color to my hot air balloon necklaces and I knew a place making very qualitative handmade frames for the style of purses I love. Some sketches, a research for color matching among my leather samples and here after is the result. The 3 first one of a kind bags are available in my etsy shop so hurry if you love them!