3 things you should know about gold jewelry

gold jewelry: pure gold, solid gold and colored gold


  1. What is PURE gold?

Gold was the first metal widely known by humans, it was discovered around 3000 BC by several human groups in very spread out locations and everyone who found it was impressed by its brilliance, color and durability. The term “gold” comes from the Old English “geolo” which means yellow. Continue reading 3 things you should know about gold jewelry

Let’s get fancy!

Seeing how much you loved my enameled dainty triangle rings, I thought of offering a more precious version including little diamonds. I first included small regular white diamonds and you know me, I’m all about colors so I was quickly drawn to color diamonds known as “fancy color diamonds”.

colorful triangle rings Continue reading Let’s get fancy!

Why I thank you

Ok I know what you think “the french girl got it all wrong with Thanksgiving timing this year” but it’s even more special out of the planified occasion no?

Earlier this year I thought I would send out a newsletter to my subscribers thanking them for their support in 2012 but then I realized how often I received emails like that from brands I bought from and how impersonal it felt. What I wanted to thank them for was more than just buying a piece of jewelry from me, it was also and mostly for 7 good reasons. Continue reading Why I thank you

Snowy mood

I know it’s February 2013 already and I don’t dare looking at the date of my last post but you know what? Since Nemo – the snow storm – hit New York last Friday, the city covered by a white coat brings me back 2 month ago in the Holiday mood! At the time I was exhibiting at One of a Kind show in Chicago presenting for the first time my little winter friend that had been ready for almost a year now, let me introduce to you Rudolf the reindeer!

reindeer Continue reading Snowy mood

See you tonight at Brooklyn Night Bazaar!

Hi folks!

I’ve been quite busy lately and didn’t even take time to post on my craftshows… I will feedback later about Fort Greene and Williamsburg Flea I did recently. Better late than never: save your night today for Brooklyn Night Bazaar at Dekalb market. What to expect? Over 70 independent merchant and food vendors, beer garden featuring local breweries, art installations, live music and dj sets…

Come and spread the word tonight between 5pm and midnight at 138 Willoughby st, Brooklyn and for more info check out the website.

Upcoming events!

Hi there!

Here are my next two shows:

the first one is this coming Saturday September 3rd, hope you guys will stay in NY for Labor Day weekend! I will participate in my first Hester Street Fair, here are the info to come:

Hours: 10am-6pm.

Route: by subway take the F train to East Broadway or the FJMZ train to Delancey.

Map: here

The second one is going to be… LE-GEN-(wait for it)-DARY!! Join us on the yacht with French Culture Nights for a fashion cruise night on September 14th.

Take a bite of the Big Apple as the sun sets on a three-hour cruise on board the triple-decker yacht the Harbor Lights. Capture a close view of the Statue of Liberty at night, the Brooklyn Bridge and more jewels of the Manhattan skyline. During the evening, mannequins will walk around the boat wearing my jewelry and dresses of Yodit Tibebu. Enjoy the woman centered photographies by Charlotte Jardat-Katz and music by DJ MBFM (My Best French Music).

Apero (Happy Hour from 7pm to 8 pm) is sponsored by Ricard. For those who wish to have dinner on board, the French caterer “Le Bec Fin” will serve some of its specialty dishes for $10 if you pre-register, $15 at the door


Where: New York Skyports Marina located at the East River and 23rd street in Manhattan. Take the 6 train to 23rd Street and walk a couple of blocks East to 23rd Street & FDR Drive

When: Wednesday, September 14, 2011. Arrive on time for check-in with your ID between 6.30pm and 7.45pm. Boat leaves at 8 PM. Cruise ends at 11 PM.

Price: The ticket entrance is $20 if purchased online before September 5 with CODE: “MILLEFIORI”.
After that, $30 until September 14 – 4pm,  $40 at the door.

Here is the link to reserve your tickets

Be there and spread the word :)

My first flea market!

It was last Saturday at Fort Greene flea market. I had a wonderful day showing my stuff for the first time in the US, only great comments, nice visitors and the sun was shining, what to expect more? For those of you who missed it (don’t worry there will be new upcoming shows), here are some pictures of my little booth. Admire the self-paint-wooden-boards! ;)

See you tomorrow at Fort Greene market !

Hi there!

Big time: it’s gonna be my very first craft show in New York tomorrow! So excited, quite stressed by the weather forecast but happy! I’m just finishing to paint my display boards, hope you will like it! So the location of the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene is 176 Lafayette Ave. (btw. Clermont + Vanderbilt Ave.) Want a map? Here you go. Time of your visit: between 10am and 5pm this Saturday August 20th.

Here after is a picture I took from http://www.glenwoodnyc.com and I promise I will come back with my own pictures and feedback.

So come and spread the word!!

My jewelry in context #2

The sweetness of the slightly acid lollipop, the bright colors of the balloons rising in the sky, the afternoons in the garden spent to make up stories, the cold of this chocolate ice cream on the teeth, this dizzy feeling after hours on the swing… These childhood memories will never die.

Tim Walker, one of my favorites photographers, knows particularly well how to keep this extraordinary sense of imagination and staging only a grown up creative child could have. I try not to include all his photographs because it’s impossible to choose. To see more of his amazing work, here is his official website.

This context illustrates my jump rope necklace as a wink to childhood and as a drop of carefreeness in our busy lives. The necklace is available in silver or gold plated version in a wide range of enamel colors. Feel free to email me for any custom made request.

From left to right and top to bottom:

Image 1 by Tim Walker, image 2 by The Groovy Baker, image 3 by Peggy Wolf , image 4 by Tim Walker, image 5 is my jump rope necklace, image 6 by Simplymodernmom and image 7 by Shehitpausestudios