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Determine your ring size

find your ring size


Shopping online for rings very often comes down to which ring size to order and mistakes in the choice result in unnecessary re-sizing and back and forth mailing charges.

While having a jeweler measure for you is the best option to get an accurate size, there are definitely simple ways to figure out which ring size to order for you or for that special someone you want to surprise. I listed below the 3 different situations you may find yourself in right now. Continue reading Determine your ring size

The 3 qualities of gold plated jewelry

gold plating

  1. What is Gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is a denomination used to refer to silver coated with gold using the process of electroplating (described below). Gold vermeil can be made using gold of different fineness but in the U.S., the minimum required karatage is 10K (42% of pure gold)  and with a thickness of at least 2.5 microns (0.0025 millimeters). Continue reading The 3 qualities of gold plated jewelry

3 things you should know about gold jewelry

gold jewelry: pure gold, solid gold and colored gold


  1. What is PURE gold?

Gold was the first metal widely known by humans, it was discovered around 3000 BC by several human groups in very spread out locations and everyone who found it was impressed by its brilliance, color and durability. The term “gold” comes from the Old English “geolo” which means yellow. Continue reading 3 things you should know about gold jewelry

Let’s get fancy!

Seeing how much you loved my enameled dainty triangle rings, I thought of offering a more precious version including little diamonds. I first included small regular white diamonds and you know me, I’m all about colors so I was quickly drawn to color diamonds known as “fancy color diamonds”.

colorful triangle rings Continue reading Let’s get fancy!