January outfit idea

outfit ideas for january 2017


1- Knit Beanie Pom-Pom by Luxury Divas. 2- Jaipur Bliss Gold Earrings by Virginie Millefiori.  3- Pink Coat by Zara. 4- Wool and Cashmere Sweater by Chinti and Parker. 5- La laque Couture by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. 6- Lip color le Mépris by Tom Ford Beauty. 7- Superstar athletic shoe by Adidas. 8- Foldover Clutch by Clare V. 9- Metallic Midi Skirt by A.L.C.

Some outfit inspiration for your eyes before the month ends…

Monsteras everywhere

In the previous post I explained a little bit about monsteras, these pretty heart shaped leaves plant, popping in every corner of the internet and of our living spaces. The one living in my office inspired my little capsule collection and I thought I would share a round up with you of some of my Monstera finds on the interwebs!

monstera wish list

1- Print by Hermanogato. 2- Ring by Virginie Millefiori. 3- Pouch by 83oranges. 4- Sweater by Weekday. 5- Clutch by Sarah’s Bag. 6- Necklace by Virginie Millefiori. 7- Vegan leather pouch by Weftandhide. 8- Hoops by Virginie Millefiori. 9- Lace up sandal by Charlotte Olympia. 10- Chair by Philip Ahlström.

7 Magic Mountains

7 magic mountains

As more often than not, I discovered about the 7 Magic Mountains while browsing through my Instagram feed. Fond of colors as I am, I completely fell under the charm of this bright piece of Land Art and started looking for its location. At the time on a road trip in the US National Parks, I realized with delight that it was situated just 10 miles south of Las Vegas where I was flying back from for my return flight: per-fect!

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Determine your ring size

find your ring size


Shopping online for rings very often comes down to which ring size to order and mistakes in the choice result in unnecessary re-sizing and back and forth mailing charges.

While having a jeweler measure for you is the best option to get an accurate size, there are definitely simple ways to figure out which ring size to order for you or for that special someone you want to surprise. I listed below the 3 different situations you may find yourself in right now. Continue reading Determine your ring size

Fashion crush: Delpozo by Josep Font

I often get the question: “where does your inspiration come from” and my answer is usually “I get inspired by a finishing touch on a dress, an architectural detail or a color combination.” Delpozo to me is all of that at once. I discovered the Spanish couture house under the creative direction of Josep Font in 2012 and since then all the Delpozo collections have been a source of awe and wonder to me. Continue reading Fashion crush: Delpozo by Josep Font

The 3 qualities of gold plated jewelry

gold plating

  1. What is Gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is a denomination used to refer to silver coated with gold using the process of electroplating (described below). Gold vermeil can be made using gold of different fineness but in the U.S., the minimum required karatage is 10K (42% of pure gold)  and with a thickness of at least 2.5 microns (0.0025 millimeters). Continue reading The 3 qualities of gold plated jewelry